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Plaster restoration, installation and repair

Pittsburgh is full of old homes and buildings which need special care and unique skills to bring back the life decades of exposure have stripped away.  Plaster walls pose a challenge and special set of skills restore to their original beauty.  The plaster is spread along wood lath and years of weather changes and water damage, among others, can create bulges, chipping, and in more extreme cases, severe deterioration in your walls.  Our experienced professional plasterer will seamlessly bring your walls back from what seems like a lost cause utilizing what is quickly becoming the lost art of plastering. 

On top of our plaster restoration and repair services, we specialize in Faux Finishing which includes the art of Faux Plastering.  To find out more visit our section on Faux Finishing.

To contact us with questions on our Plastering Services or to request a quote, visit our contact page or call 412-452-2967.


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